Brand Story

Our Brand Story

I am a full-time job mom, I can only spend weekends or off-hours with my baby.
One time, I was working at home, my little guy seemed to be casually writing and drawing near from my desk. About 20 minutes later, I found with surprise that what he drew was a total painting, which contains trees, rivers, stars, seas, mom, dad, and him! I simply told him a story along with what my baby drew. We burst out laughing.

Wow, How fantastic! What a beautiful moment!

Considering that there are still many mothers like me “a full-time mom, ” Who have not enough time to accompany their baby and trying to find a way to interact with their children, show parents love. I decided to put this inspiration into action. With unremitting efforts, a team full of dreams and momentum has finally been formed!

Adhering to let parents enjoy a joyful parent-child time, let children have a cheerful childhood. In the warmth of parents’ love, push children to develop a sound personality, form a better perception of the ability to integrate into society and create a bright future at the same time.

We select a series of teaching auxiliary products with the following features:safety material,attractive appearance, portable storage, such as LCD Writing Tablet, Alphabet Wall Chart, etc; Through close teamwork and upgraded product, Cheerfun is finally born!

Our Brand Vision

Accompany with Cheer, Grow in Fun

Our Brand Concept

A Platform Combinate Accompany and Education.

Cheerfun's AMET

“A”  is  Accompany, we believe that in the formation stage of children's character and consciousness, The company of parents is supercritical and important. As parents, they should spend more time with their children. Let the children bathe in the love of their parents in the developmental stages. Only in this way can children grow up happily and healthily, so that they can have a healthy personality and a correct outlook on life and values.

“M” is Mental Health, Children can express their personality and emotions through painting and object recognition so that children can reach a certain balance and harmony both of their internal emotions and external environment. At the same time, according to the children's paintings and object recognition ability, parents can perceive the child's psychology whether the development is in a healthy state.

“E” is Education, For every person, we think, Education is as important as survival, we are aimed to enable children to receive education in a cheerful and relaxed environment and in an easy way, also avoid children's mental health problems.

“T” is  Thinking, In children's eyes, all things are mysterious, therefore, we are committed to that the toys we produce can help children broaden their thinking, cultivate an imagination beyond normal cognition, and let their childhood more colorful and cheerful.