Q1: Who are we?

A1: CHEERFUN is a professional children's toy brand. We sell most children's toys, and the toys are mainly educational toys. We are committed to producing safe toys and of good quality.

Q2: What are CHEERFUN's inspirations and ideas for designing products?

A2: The purpose of our products is to help children learn while having fun; the design concept of modeling originates from the hope of attracting children's attention and cultivating children's imagination and imitating ability.

Q3: What does CHEERFUN produce and what's the major product?

A3: At present, we mainly recommend the LCD writing tablet, and shortly other products will be launched on our official website.

Q4: What's your after-service policy?

A4: All customers who place orders on CHEERFUN will enjoy 12-month warranty policy. If there are defects in the products you bought, you can contact our service mail(service@cheerfun.com). Also, you can refer to our Return & Warranty for more details.

Q5: What is the function of membership points?

A5: All customers can earn points by registering, sharing, and placing orders. When the points reach the corresponding points, they can exchange for the corresponding products.

Q6: Why can't I checkout from my cart?

A6: 1. Mode of Payment not Accepted.
You may check the Related Link to view which Credit Card/Payment Method CHEERFUN accepts. We also highly suggest clearing your browser's cache and cookies. You may also try using a different web browser. For more information on how to do this, you may follow this link: https://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Cache-and-Cookies.

If you are still not able to process the order, please try checking with your bank. You may try to place the order and use Paypal as you mode of Payment. PayPal is a free service which allows you to send money as easily as sending an email. If you'd like to learn more about PayPal, or sign up for an account, please visit cheerfun.com to get started.

2. Shipping Address (Postal Code) not Recognized
Type in your Shipping address in English alphabet/letters. If the postal code is not accepted, kindly type it without the space.

Q7: Why did I send an email but didn't receive a response?

A7: If you don't receive our Customer Service team’s response for an extended period of time (24 hours on weekdays, 48 hours on weekend), please check your contact email's  spam folder. Our emails may have been filtered incorrectly by your email server/provider.