Bobi Dinosaur LCD Drawing Board, Unique Gift for Toddler Girls & Boys
Bobi Dinosaur LCD Drawing Board, Unique Gift for Toddler Girls & Boys
Bobi Dinosaur LCD Drawing Board, Unique Gift for Toddler Girls & Boys
Bobi Dinosaur LCD Drawing Board, Unique Gift for Toddler Girls & Boys
Bobi Dinosaur LCD Drawing Board, Unique Gift for Toddler Girls & Boys
Bobi Dinosaur LCD Drawing Board, Unique Gift for Toddler Girls & Boys
Bobi Dinosaur LCD Drawing Board, Unique Gift for Toddler Girls & Boys
Bobi Dinosaur LCD Drawing Board, Unique Gift for Toddler Girls & Boys
Bobi Dinosaur LCD Drawing Board, Unique Gift for Toddler Girls & Boys
Bobi Dinosaur LCD Drawing Board, Unique Gift for Toddler Girls & Boys
Bobi Dinosaur LCD Drawing Board, Unique Gift for Toddler Girls & Boys
Bobi Dinosaur LCD Drawing Board, Unique Gift for Toddler Girls & Boys
Bobi Dinosaur LCD Drawing Board, Unique Gift for Toddler Girls & Boys
Bobi Dinosaur LCD Drawing Board, Unique Gift for Toddler Girls & Boys

Bobi Dinosaur LCD Drawing Board, Unique Gift for Toddler Girls & Boys

Cute Green Cartoon Dinosaur Appearance. Easy for Kids to Write, Draw, Doodle, Anytime, Anywhere. CHEERFUN One of Favorite Items in 2022.

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Perfect educational toys for toddlers kids
The LCD writing tablet provides 8.5" space for kids to write and draw. Also, it can power creativity by freely expressing their imagination through drawings and doodles.

Making learning enjoyable & Eye-protective
1. The drawing board is designed with the newest pressure-sensitive technology, which allows kids to draw in neon colors!
2. No radiation and glare, the exterior coating protects eyes.

Environmental friendly & Mess free
The doodle board is reusable, so it can replace paper for drawing. And it also saves kids from doodles on the walls.

Unique design & Lightweight
1. The cute dinosaur design meets the needs of kids imagination, that let kids can't put it down.
2. Our boogie board is made of high-strength ABS material which is lightweight and anti-fall, easy for kids to carry on anywhere.

1. The thickness of lines is based on how hard kids push with the stylus.
2. Lock switch protects kids draw from suddenly erasing.
3. Push the button on cute dinosaur face, the board erase itself, just like magic! Everything is so fresh and interesting!

Perfect gifts
The magna doodle tablet is a perfect choice as gift for birthday, back to school, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Easter, and any occasion!

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A1: CHEERFUN is a professional children's toy brand. We sell most children's toys, and the toys are mainly educational toys. We are committed to producing safe toys and of good quality.

Q2: What are CHEERFUN's inspirations and ideas for designing products?

A2: The purpose of our products is to help children learn while having fun; the design concept of modeling originates from the hope of attracting children's attention and cultivating children's imagination and imitating ability.

Q3: What does CHEERFUN produce and what's the major product?

A3: At present, we mainly recommend the LCD writing tablet, and shortly other products will be launched on our official website.

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A4: All customers who place orders on CHEERFUN will enjoy 12-month warranty policy. If there are defects in the products you bought, you can contact our service mail( Also, you can refer to our Return & Warranty for more details.

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