How To Draw Simple Strokes For Children?

Art and painting always have a subtle influence on children's perception, aesthetics and imagination. Picasso said that every child is born an artist, and every child has a unique creative and expressive power. However, regardless of whether children are artistically gifted or not, whether they want to be a painter in the future, they should be given the opportunity to learn when they are young and encouraged to learn fine arts. Art can help children make connections with what they observe, and help improve children's hand-eye coordination, which will help them in their later artistic development and entertainment. 

1. Drawing should start with lines, starting from the simplest elements, so that children can master the ability to describe lines.Start painting with the most familiar elements, such as animal, moon, balloons, etc. In this process, let children master the basic line drawing ability. 

2. Learn the use and matching of colors to enrich the effect of painting. Drawing a good line drawing is the first step in learning, so getting his child to add color to the line drawing is the second step. Gradually let children master color, children will better accept and get good learning effect.

3. Interesting paintings and interesting storiesEvery child's paintings are full of vitality. Let them draw and move them, which will enrich the child's imagination and desire for painting.

4. Complex copying and imitation make children progress fasterIn fact, every child has a high imitation talent, and the rich copying of picture books can make children make rapid progress.

Cheerfun LCD writing pad provides a place for kids to draw and in this way, kids can avoid scribbling on the wall. It is worth mentioning that the brushes of the Trolley LCD writing board have neon colors, which can help children identify colors, and the latest LCD screen material protects children's eyes from damage.

Especially when mom is busy, kids can immerse themselves in their own drawing world and make room for mom. Not only that, when the family is traveling, LCD writing tablets can distract the children and avoid noise. They are very easy to carry, on planes, trains, cars, etc.

Q1. Is drawing important for preschoolers?

Yes, it is. Imagination is very important for children, and drawing is an important way for children to express their imagination.

Q2. What does it mean when a child starts to draw?

It means that children gradually begin to learn to express themselves, by drawing patterns to see what children want, dream and observe.

Q3. What tools do children need to use when they are just starting to learn to draw?

When children become interested in drawing, they are still in the stage of doodling. At this time, parents can buy some safe and non-toxic colored crayons and picture books for their babies, and children can follow the learning in the picture books. In addition, parents can buy a writing tablet for their children, which not only saves paper, but also can be easily erased and stored. A good tablet can be erased more than 100,000 times.